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A Shared Style – Deborah Beau


This month’s A Shared Style column is a real treat, and I feel incredibly privileged to have the first blogger I ever followed as my guest, Deborah Beau from the beautiful blog Kickcan & Conkers.  I have always loved Deborah’s simple aesthetic, and ability to bring together the most stunning imagery.  She also manages to find such fascinating pieces by artists and crafts people. If you don’t already know it, I would highly recommend you that you take a look at her blog.

Here is what Deborah has to say about her shared space:


Which space in your home have you shared?

I’ve decided to share our living room because it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the house, and I’m pleased to say that it’s pretty much how we imagined it to be when we started renovating five years ago. Neither of us really liked this large 1970’s house when we bought it but we fell in love with the huge, wild garden, or should I say small olive grove on the edge of the woods in the French countryside. The house clearly had potential so we set out to transform it ourselves, on a budget, with three kids in tow.

This new living space has lovely high ceilings and is now bright, airy and spacious after we knocked down a couple of walls, removed doors and stripped every single trace of the loud, dark 70’s wallpaper!

My desk is tucked away in the corner so I spend a lot of time in this part of the house. I love working with the French windows wide open and hearing my children playing in the garden or in the pool.



How would you describe your interiors style?

Well, they say that pictures speak louder than words…

Simple, natural, monochrome, poetic, perhaps? Although I have lived in the South of France for almost 30 years now, I still feel as if I’m on holiday. I think our home conveys that, I hope so, anyway. Dominique and I both love vintage furniture with a story to tell. We spend a lot of our free time at local flea markets, Emmaus, car boot sales and charity shops looking for bits and bobs for our home. We have accumulated tons of stuff over the years so we tend to move things around a lot. I am always changing things (at the moment my antique wedding dress is on display on a vintage French shutter as we’ve just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary), adding artwork or natural finds and my kids love that. They are all very arty and creative. That being said, I can’t cope with clutter, so we keep things as simple and as relaxed as possible. It’s nice to feel on holiday at home!



Do you have any tips for styling your home?

I think “be yourself” is the best advice I could give anybody, and that applies to every area of life, not just interior decorating. I’ll be 49 this summer, a year away from the big 50, but I feel so much happier than when I was 30 or even 40 because I finally feel “me”. Our home is full of things collected over the years, bought when travelling, passed down from our Anglo-French family… I love mixing old and new in particular.

We have a very big garden with 24 olive trees so there are olive branches all over the house in every season. I love decorating with wild flowers too. Style is a very personal thing but I never follow trends, I love being creative and I am definitely a firm believer in ‘Less is More’.



Whose interiors’ style do you admire?

I would say that the two interiors that have had the strongest impact on me and my husband belong to an incredibly talented and tasteful French couple we met 10 or so years ago. We have stayed several times in their little “Cabanon” (my kids learnt to swim in that pool!) and amazing “Petite Bastide”. I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time we went on holiday there. Both interiors are perfection to me.

I am always drawn to laid-back, rustic, holiday-type interiors, the kind you’d expect to see in Greece and other Mediterranean countries, most probably because I live in that environment.

I also really enjoy following people like Mr and Mrs Charlie on instagram or Sibella Court. My online friend Justine Hand from the Designskool has impeccable taste, and I love, love love Mokkasin ‘s creativity!


All photos by Deborah Beau

I don’t know about you, but I love everything about Deborah’s living room; the simple, rustic vibe and the mix of furniture, artwork and nature.  I also thoroughly enjoyed her answers to the questions, I too feel that as I age I am becoming more comfortable with who I am, and less worried about what others think.  Finally, it goes without say that I am incredibly envious that Deborah has her own olive grove, olive foliage is my favourite!  Thank you so much for being my guest Deborah, it has been a real honour.

You can find Deborah here:

Have a relaxing weekend.

Emma x

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  1. Thanks again Emma, it’s so lovely of you to invite me on your beautiful blog. The holiday rentals are wonderful, however we started going long before they became “famous” ( frequently featured in French magazines). I should imagine it’s quite difficult to book now. Once you’ve been you’re hooked! xxx

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