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Interiors Wish List – Copper Measuring Cups


When I opened up Instagram this morning, I was immediately drawn to the image shown below, styled and photographed by Teri from The Lovely Drawer blog, if you haven’t seen her blog, check it out here, not only is she a talented Freelance Designer, she has a beautiful blog and some great DIYs.


Apart from the lovely composition, the thing that really jumped out at me, was the copper measuring cups, and right then and there, I decided I needed some of them in my life! So what was the next thing I did, started googling of course!  Below are some of my gorgeous finds, there are some real beauties out there, mostly on Etsy, but I think my favourites are the ones from West Elm.

image Sources:

1. West Elm

2. Betty Ray Vintage

3. Cozy Cottage Chic

4. Copperseal

5. Tipple & Snack

6. Second Shout Out

Now that I have found out they are so readily available, I’m wondering, is it too early to start a Christmas list!

Have a good week.

Emma x

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Friday Fashion – My Spring Inspiration


Hello there!  I have to be honest with you, it is now Sunday, not Friday, I did originally publish this post on Friday, but since then, I’ve felt slightly uncomfortable about it, and now I have worked out why.  I am currently doing a brilliant course by Holly Becker, entitled Blogging Your Way (which I would highly recommend) and something she mentions a great deal has been ringing in my ears. It made me realise, that this post, originally entitled ‘Dressing for Spring’ just wasn’t me, it was written by me of course, but it wasn’t what I want this blog to be.

As I said in my first post, I am no fashion expert, I am just a blogger who likes clothes and I have a strong opinion about how I like to dress, but not on how others should dress.  So, that being said, I have changed the title and altered the wording so this post is now me, but I hope you still find some inspiration in it too!

I don’t know what it is like where you live, but dressing for Spring in the UK is like playing a game of weather roulette!  It is practically impossible to dress appropriately for an entire day, in the morning you can be battling howling wind and in the afternoon you can end up getting sunburnt (unless of course you wear an SPF moisturiser all year round, oh how I regret not following that advice)! Below, are some looks that I love, and are inspiring my style for this temperamental time of year.


style 6

Source: Toast

I recently bought Dottie a poncho, perfect for Spring, and I absolutely love it, as do most of my friends who have said that they would like one in their size.  However, I’ve been pretty doubtful that an adult could carry one off, until I came across this stylish lady.

spring style 3

Source: Le Fashion Image

I bought some culottes recently, and I am obsessed with them, I’m just not quite ready to get my legs out yet!

spring style 2

Source: Harpers Bazaar

Finally, for those warmer days, I’m loving this look from Emerson Fry.

spring style 5

Source:  Emerson Fry

Have a good weekend, lets hope its a sunny one!

Emma x

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Dottie’s Bedroom Scheme


One of the great things about writing a blog, is that it can motivate you to get things done! Dottie has been in her own room for a while, but I still haven’t got round to making it her little space.  Probably like most second children, she is a slightly deprived, not literally of course, but I am sure it is the same for most parents, a second pregnancy is very different from the first one, where you have the time and energy to spend designing and decorating a beautiful nursery.  Poor Dottie has been moved around the house, first our bedroom, then the study and finally the spare bedroom, and after much debate, we have decided to make that her permanent home.

I thought I would give you a little glimpse of the colour scheme and a few of the bits I am planning on buying to give Dottie a room, that I hope she will love.



Image source & links:

1. Lapin Lamp, available from Bodie & Fou

2. Natural Basket, available from Bodie & Fou

3. Blue Butterfly Song painting by Tiffany Lynch

4. Parma Gray Paint from Farrow & Ball

I look forward to showing you how it looks, once it is all finished.

Emma x