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A few words about slow living


I have been thinking a lot lately about the social media pressure we have on us nowadays to live seemingly perfect lives, and I have to be honest, but I think the slow living ‘trend’ contributes to that pressure.  It has been troubling me somewhat, because I don’t want to be part of that.  As a supposed slow living advocate, I quite happily went along with the label, answered questions, gave advice and my opinion on the subject.  But I think it is about time to be honest.  I don’t actually live slowly, boy, I would love to, but I have 2 children, limited child care, a husband who doesn’t get home until 8 pm most weekday evenings, I blog, I run workshops and I do styling work too.  Do the sums on that and I’ll tell you, it definitely doesn’t equal slow!

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And so another month has passed, since my last #aquietstyle post, the seasons have begun to change.  We are finally getting some warmth, there is blossom on the trees, and each day I eagerly check the soil in my garden for signs of growth from the seeds we planted as a family.

The theme for March, was spring of course, and it was a difficult choice but myself and Pauline from VRAC tea who is kindly supplying the lovely prize agreed on this beautiful image from @cherfoldflowers.  I don’t think you could depict the word Spring much better than this.  Please get in touch with your address Caroline.

Spring by Cherfold Flowers

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Spring Flower Bowl Tutorial


It has been way too long since my friend Caroline from Wild Rubus and I got together.  Our tutorials used to be a monthly event, but I think it has been well over a year since the last one, and I have missed seeing her   So it was a joy to catch-up alongside messing about with flowers.  And I hope she will forgive me for showing her lovely face in some of these pictures.

For Spring, Caroline suggested a simple tutorial to bring a bit of the outside in.  It is one that can be done in any bowl so you don’t need a fancy container, and would make a great table centre piece.  As always, our tutorial is just a guide, so use whatever you fancy, but daffodils and narcissus can be picked up for a song at the moment so they might be a good place to start.

spring flower tutorial

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