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Spring Flower Bowl Tutorial


It has been way too long since my friend Caroline from Wild Rubus and I got together.  Our tutorials used to be a monthly event, but I think it has been well over a year since the last one, and I have missed seeing her   So it was a joy to catch-up alongside messing about with flowers.  And I hope she will forgive me for showing her lovely face in some of these pictures.

For Spring, Caroline suggested a simple tutorial to bring a bit of the outside in.  It is one that can be done in any bowl so you don’t need a fancy container, and would make a great table centre piece.  As always, our tutorial is just a guide, so use whatever you fancy, but daffodils and narcissus can be picked up for a song at the moment so they might be a good place to start.

spring flower tutorial

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A few words about Mother’s Day


Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the UK.  I don’t really remember my first Mother’s Day, I guess I was only just through the sleepless nights and my memory of those first few months of parenthood are pretty hazy to say the least.  But I do remember my second Mother’s Day, we had some of my husband’s family over for lunch, and he spent what felt like forever in the kitchen making the most amazing spinach and feta pie from scratch.   It was delicious, but it meant that I was on child care duties.  I was effectively a single parent weekdays back then, Greg worked long hours and didn’t see our eldest daughter, Elvia at all during the week.  So if I am totally honest, all I really wanted for Mother’s Day that year, was actually some time off from being a Mother.

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Neoma Design


It seems an age ago now, but just before I took a bit of a break from blogging, in fact before Christmas, I stumbled upon a new shop and studio in Brighton, the rather beautiful Neoma Design.  When I ventured in after oggling through the window a few times, I was greeted by Delores, owner, maker and all round lovely person.

Delores is one inspirational lady; a self taught handbag designer and single parent, it is obvious she has worked hard to get her own shop.

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