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Styling the Seasons – January


Once again, I’ve left it right until the last minute to share my Styling the Seasons post with you for this month.  I’m sure you’ve had enough of me banging on about time flying, but quite how it can be February in a couple of days I’ve no idea!

I think I pretty much summed up what January means to me in my resolutions post, but probably like most people, I feel it is a month of new beginnings, a chance to start afresh, de-clutter, and have a good clear-out both physically and mentally.  I always look forward to the start of this month, mainly because I really don’t like the period between Christmas and New Year, I feel in limbo, just waiting for a new beginning.


For this month’s post, there was no way, I wasn’t going to use the bulbs that Wild Rubus and I created for our flower tutorial post, they are far too beautiful not to show again, and even better, they are now in flower.  They’ve also gone slightly wild, but I quite like that.  I decided to just have them on my surface, nothing else, to fit with my feelings about this month; a fresh start, and simplicity, that’s all I want at the moment and that is definitely enough, I’ll leave the going slightly wild for another month!








I’m off to another one of Emily Quinton’s brilliant Makelight Workshops tomorrow, can’t wait!  Have a great weekend whatever you’re up too.

Emma x

(For those that are new to the blog, Styling the Seasons is a brilliant concept by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots, anyone can join in, just share your monthly styled surface on your blog or social media with #StylingtheSeasons, and by tagging Katy and Charlotte.)

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  1. Totally agree about that period of time between Christmas and New Year, I can never work out how to fill them. They feel like nothing days.

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