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The Good Life Dress


That time has come, the one which I have been looking forward to, and dreading in equal measures, the Good Life Dress has landed on my doorstep!  I am pretty certain that most of you will have seen the dress popping up in your Instagram feed, or on one of your favourite blogs, but just in case you have missed it, you can read a bit more on Me & Orla’s blog here.  In a nutshell, the dress began it’s travels after Sara and designer Nadia from Nadinoo hatched a little plan to send it to various creatives to style and share, giving their interpretation of the good life.

Why the trepidation?  Without giving anything away, let’s just say that I am a big fan of some of the other photographer’s involved, and that little part of me called self doubt, questioned whether I was up to the challenge. But, good things can come from a bit of self-applied pressure, and I decided that this was actually an opportunity to step way out of my comfort zone.  I don’t really photograph people that much (you’ve probably already noticed), objects are my thing, light and still life, but I decided to be brave and photograph a real live human being!  Fortunately, I managed to find myself the perfect model, in the form of a friend’s daughter, the very lovely Mia, who not only looked beautiful in the dress, she also happily stood there in the chilly autumn wind whilst I directed her every move.  Thank you Mia, you were brilliant!

So, this is my idea of the good life, out in the elements, foraging or picking, whatever it is that is seasonal: apples, blackberries, cow parsley, it doesn’t really matter.  It is about breathing clean air, listening to the sound of the wild, and living in the moment.   Returning home with my bounty to cook.  On a perfect day for others, but not always, sometimes a meal for one does me just fine.











From tree to table, that’s the good life for me!  Now just what to cook…

Have a great weekend.

Emma x

14 comments on “The Good Life Dress”

  1. Mm, apple crumble… Gorgeous photos Emma, lovely to see you taking portraits and love that the dress is trying something new! Perfect xx (can I admit to being trepidatious (is that a word?) about its arrival too…)

  2. It is so wonderful to see this dress pop up in so many of my favourite places. Emma, your photos are simply beautiful xx

  3. Beautiful styling Emma. I love the orchard theme, and the bright green apples really make the images sing.

  4. Seasonal perfection, the apples look amazing next to the dress!

    I too am very nervous of this package arriving shhhh 😉 xx

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