5 Ways to Wrap with Brown Paper

When it comes to wrapping presents, I am a brown paper girl through and through.  Every so often I stray from the path, only to return again the following year.  I don't know that it is about brown paper, the simplicity, the feel, the accessibility, the ways you can personalise it maybe. There are so many things you can do to jazz it up, so I thought I would share 5 ways you can decorate brown paper, if you fancy using it this Christmas.


Add a bit of luxury with some gorgeous ribbon.  It takes the cost up, but can always be reused.

Dried Flowers

It is pretty common to see bits of foliage used for wrapping presents, but how about trying some dried flowers instead.  Things like these hydrangea, are incredibly easy to dry and will look good for years to come.

Scented Wreath

These are so easy to make, just tie a piece of rosemary in a loop.  A present that smells as good as it looks.


Feathers are all over the place at the moment, they are definitely having a moment.  Perhaps something to try for a more masculine feel.


If brown paper is a bit plain for you, why not stamp it?  Incredibly easy and kids love to have a go too.  It's a great way to personalise your gifts.

How will you be wrapping your gifts this Christmas?

Emma x