A Shared Style - Emma Donnelly

My guest for this month's A Shared Style column is Emma Donnelly, a photographer whose work I have admired for a while now, along with the few snippets of her home I have seen from time to time, so I was thrilled when she agreed to share a part of it here. Here is what Emma has to say about her space:

Which space in your home have you shared?

This is my dining room - part of an open plan kitchen, it’s a light and airy space and I feel a good reflection of my style in this house.  The main focus of the room is the custom marble table and the reclaimed lights. The table and the lights we found on eBay - although we put the marble top on after we bought it using a local supplier. We bought the lights before we bought the house - we just knew we loved them and it’s lucky we found a house that suited them! The windows and doors are original metal frame with stained glass - they are an original part of this 1930’s house - as far as we are aware they are the only ones left in our street, so many gone to be replaced by uPVC and bi-fold doors.

The sideboard is from a company in Brick Lane, London called Unto this Last. It is a really amazing shop. The workshop is on site so you can see them cutting and building the pieces of furniture. The idea and style is very simple and clean. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area. We prefer not to buy furniture from mass produced companies and really like to shop locally too. This was a perfect solution.

How would you describe your interiors style?

Oh, this is difficult - I don’t really feel I have a ‘style’ - it is quite relaxed and I like to have things around me that reflect my mood, and not to be too cluttered. I’m inspired by bringing a little bit of the outside in and by beautifully designed objects. We also have things that are precious to us - such as the clay pots. They are well over 100 years old and are from the little mountain village in Italy that my husband’s ancestry comes from. The pots were used to soak dried beans by the fire. I think they are so beautiful as they have a use and a meaning.

Whose interiors style do you admire?

The joy of Instagram is being able to have a small peek into peoples homes and I find the homes of Saar Manche and Aurelie Lecuyer beautiful. They are light and subtle with a slightly worn in feel to them. And also the home of my friend Barbara Berrada, Elisabeth Dunker from Fine Little Day and Anna Cate. Their homes are interesting, inspired reflections of character. Not too tidy and never shiny!

All photos by Emma Donnelly

Thank you so much Emma for sharing your beautiful dining space, I have long admired your marble topped table, and am now wondering if I could get my own made!  How lovely too, to have the pots from the mountain village in Italy, I believe that the items with meaning that you have in your home are what give it soul.

I urge you to check out Emma's work on her website and instagram, she photographs children in the most captivating and calm way, when you look at her photos, it makes you feel that you are getting real insight into their little characters.

You can find Emma here:

Have a relaxing weekend.

Emma x