A Shared Style - Hilde Mork

My guest for this month's A Shared Style, is the very talented Hilde Mork; graphic designer, lifestyle stylist and photographer extraordinaire!  I have long been a fan of Hilde's beautiful instagram feed, so I was thrilled when she agreed to share a space in her home on the blog.

Which space in your home have you shared?

My messy home office! It used to be our bedroom, which is why I have my clothes and jewellery here too.

How would you describe your interiors style?

My basic colours are white, black and cognac and I love to mix new and old stuff. I guess you could describe my style as bohemian-scandinavian-eclectic?

Do you have any tips for home styling?

Be yourself!  I am! People say that my home looks like me; the way I wear my clothes in layers, a masculine style, but I put feminine things with boyish pants, golden rings and maybe a pink lipstick all together with my messy hair and a sharp fringe…hmmm, It does look like my home in a way!

Whose interiors style do you admire?

Oh, there are so many people to admire!  But I have to mention Beth Kirby (Local Milk), Studio Oink and Jennifer (A Merry Mishap) they have the kind of style I like, clean, nordic with an american edge.

Anywhere you like to shop for homewares?

There are many places! I love vintage like Remix Art, modern like Hay, Hem, Habitat. And flea markets!

All photos by Hilde Mork

I absolutely adore Hilde's style, such a beautiful room, and what a treat to see it with some festive touches too.  Thank you so much for sharing it with us Hilde.

You can find Hilde here:

Have a great weekend.

Emma x