A Shared Style - Sara Tasker

Sometimes in life, you come across people whose style just captures your imagination, whether it be the way they dress, the job they do, or the home they live in, and today's guest for A Shared Style, is one such person.  I am pretty certain that most of you will already have come across Sara Tasker from Me and Orla, but if you haven't, a little while ago, she gave up city living to move to what was previously an old sweet shop in a Yorkshire village, and every time she posts one of her exquisite photos or writes on her beautiful blog, then I too dream of giving up the bright lights for a quiet life in the country. As you can imagine, being such a big fan of Sara's gorgeous aesthetic, I feel incredibly excited about having her on the blog, sharing a space in her home, and when you see the pictures below of the space she has shared, I am pretty certain, that you too will all aspire, even just a little, to a life like hers.

Which space have you shared?

My daughter Orla's bedroom, on the top floor. It's a huge open plan space in the eaves that we plan to divide into bedrooms one day, but right now, we just have a side each, with a curtain across. She's two-and-a-half and spends most nights in our bed anyway, so it works well for us all.


How would you describe your interiors style?

Scandinavian-influenced and simple, in a wabi-wabi sort of way. I like a lot of white and natural materials, and I don't mind a bit of imperfection!

Do you have any tips for styling your home?

I'm a big proponent of white paint: pure white, not any fancy designer shades. It's cheap, always matches the next tin, and is easy to scrub, bleach, and touch up as needed. White transforms a gloomy corner into a bright, calming space; a blank canvas to accessorise with any colour or style you like.

Whose interiors styles do you admire?

Ana, macrame artist from c-a-s-u-l-o.com, and Susanne, interior stylist from meandalice.blogspot.com. They both have the balance between white and warmth that I really aspire to.

All photos by Sara Tasker

How I dream of a space like this for my girls, uncluttered, white, calm, and simple.  Instead I have Dottie's bedroom, which still has remnants remaining from it's previous life as a spare room, and Elvia's, well lets just say she is the opposite of me, a hoarder in the making!

Thank you so much for sharing Orla's bedroom with me, Sara, it is pretty much my idea of perfection.  Plus I am now seriously coveting a piece of Ana's work!

You can find Sara here:

Have a great week.

Emma x