Ali Dover Woven Wraps

If you are a regular reader, you know that I often mention instagram, I hope it isn't too often, but when you are a visual person, it offers up a whole world of inspiration.  Today, I want to introduce you to yet another very talented soul that I found there, Ali Dover.  Ali has recently launched her own range of woven wraps for baby carrying, and they are by far the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. alidoverwrap4


When Dottie was born, unknown to us initially, she had a cows milk protein allergy which also gave her silent reflux, without going into too much detail, silent reflux is where the acid comes up from the stomach, and then goes back down again, causing a great deal of pain, it also meant that the only way Dottie would sleep was upright against me, so for that reason alone I couldn't have done without a baby sling.  Ali's story is different from mine, you can read all about it on her website here, but she has a passion for beautiful fabric and baby wearing.



All these photographs are by Ali, and as you can see that is also a passion of hers, she has a real talent for capturing women and their little ones in the most enchanting way.  You can see more of Ali's photography in her instagram feed and on her website.



Ali's lovely wraps are available in her online shop.

Have a great week.

Emma x