Hello again!

Just popping in to say hello again after our holiday to Cornwall last week.  We don't seem to get round to taking many holidays in our family, so this one was very much appreciated, and as holidays go, for me, it really was pretty perfect.  Our days were spent doing nothing much at all, mostly on the beach or in the sea (body boarding is a new family addiction), minimum time online, early nights, standing watching the sea from the huge bedroom windows, no TV, playing board games, quiet, contentment, and living in the moment.  And as for our surroundings and the scenery, it was absolutely stunning, I shared some pictures on instagram if you fancy a look. Whilst I am here, I want to share some news; I have been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award!  It is genuinely heart-warming to think that someone feels a quiet style is worthy of a blogging award, so a big thank you to whoever it was that nominated me.

I have been deliberating about the next bit of this post, the voting bit, as it is totally out of my comfort zone, I suspect I have gone a little bit red with embarrassment even as I type this.  I struggle for many reasons, firstly blowing my own trumpet is definitely not my strong point, but I also believe that an award is only justified if people have chosen to vote because they genuinely like something, not because they have been asked to vote.  However, if I don't mention it, then how will anyone actually know that I have been nominated! So in my usual manner, I am going to keep it short and sweet; if you like the blog, and feel that it is award-worthy, then I would love for you to vote for me, you can do so here, or by clicking on the link in the sidebar.  Voting ends on the 18th September.  Thank you.

Finally before I go, because I couldn't write a blog post without including a photo or two, and as I have already shared some holiday snaps over on instagram, I thought I would share the colours of our garden on our return home.  Our small city garden is a continual source of frustration for me, it is north facing and although it gets quite a bit of sun in the summer, it gets nothing at all in the winter, and I struggle to get much to grow at all.  Actually that's not entirely true, some things will grow, but they aren't the flower abundant cutting plants that I love, mainly just shrubs.  However, I managed to find enough to fill a vase, which is better than nothing and puts a smile on my face. A few sweetpeas (a large pot each year means I get a bit of a display), some Japanese anemones (again in a pot), some foliage from our pear tree, and these little pink flowers, I don't know what they are, but they are the only thing that thrives in an actual flower bed, that isn't a shrub!  By the way, if anyone can suggest flowers that do well in north-facing, dried out old stoney soil, all advice will be most welcome!

That's it from me, I will see you soon, and as always, I hope you have a good week.

Emma x