As you know, I am partial to a flower or two, and right now I can't get Zinnia out of my head, but this time, it's not of the floral variety!  Zinnia is a rug by Armadillo&Co, and she is a beauty, simple, classic and in earthy colours, she's my kind of rug! zinniarug

Armadillo&Co have six collections, my favourite is the Earth collection to which lovely Zinnia belongs.  Each piece is handcrafted from natural wool, hemp, cotton and jute, the colours are left natural except for the earthy dyes of the gorgeous charcoal and indigo tones.  All of the rugs are handmade by artisans in India, with whom founders Sally Pottharst and Jodie Fried work closely alongside using their 30 years shared experience in design and textiles.




Alternatively, the colourful Designer Collection allows you to mix and match to create your own bespoke rug, selecting from a variety of designs, colours and sizes.  These rugs are made from 100% New Zealand wall in a classic flat weave.




If rugs aren't your thing, Armadillo&Co also create beautiful entrance mats, I am seriously tempted by these!




All photos from Armadillo&Co

Not only are their rugs beautiful, the best thing about Armadillo&Co are their ethics, each artisan is treated like extended family, they are paid higher than the average wage and Armadillo&Co contribute financially to the local education of their children.  They are also ardent supporters and members of Care and Fair, an initiative against illegal labour in the carpet production industry in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

A rug can totally change the feel of a room, and next time I purchase one, I will definitely be buying it from Armadillo&Co! I wouldn't mind the house they used in their photo shoot location either to put it in!

Have a great weekend.

Emma x