My Big Girl Turns 8!

A bit of a different post from me today, but I do like to keep you on your toes!  Yesterday, my big girl Elvia, turned 8 years old, having a child does the strangest thing to time, on the one hand, I can barely remember her being tiny, but on the other, the years just seem to have flown by. I know that I am incredibly biased, it is a mother's prerogative after all, but I am so proud of our daughter, she is confident, kind, intelligent, beautiful and strong.  She absolutely loves to read, and dance and sing, she also loves to sit around in her pyjamas doing nothing at all, and could watch TV and eat cake until it came out of her ears (in that respect she is truly her mother's daughter).

Every year, I take a photo of Elvia on her birthday, which I then print out and put in a book ready for when she is 18, so she will be able to see for herself how she grew and changed each year to become the adult that she will be then.  And because I tend to get all a bit sentimental around the kid's birthdays, I thought I would share this year's photo here too.


Happy Birthday Princess, Mummy loves you so very much.

Emma x