Brighton Artists Open Houses

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that May is festival time in Brighton. I love this time of year here, it always re-invigorates my passion for our colourful City. Another thing I love about May in Brighton, is the Artists Open Houses, a chance to look at art whilst catching a glimpse in to someone else's life and home, my idea of heaven! There are 200 houses that are open this year, and unfortunately I only managed to see a few of them this time, but some were lovely and I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you today.

Art Line - Seven Dials Trail

Shyama Ruffell whose house this is, is one of my favourite Brighton based artists, I did actually buy a piece of hers but I'll share that with you another day. Also exhibiting are Shyama's parents, Colin Ruffell and Frances Slade who are both artists too. Her gorgeous garden is open showing sculptures by Frances Doherty, and we enjoyed a lovely piece of cake whilst sitting in the sun.




Peggy Poppleton's Shop - Seven Dials Trail

An old favourite of mine, an eclectic mix including jewellery, homewares, screen prints and ceramics.




51 Wilbury Road - Hove Trail

51 Wilbury Road house has an additional few rooms this year, containing some great pieces, I particularly liked the repurposed lighting by Lawrence Latham, and the knitted lampshades by Eats, Knits and Weaves.




The Artists Open Houses are on for one more weekend in May, and then return again in December, if you are in Brighton I would highly recommend doing at least one of the trails, you never know what delights you might find.

Emma x