2017 Advent Calendar Tutorial


I'm not quite sure how, but it is already that time of year, and as much as I am avoiding all take of Christmas for a while longer, it would be a bit silly if I didn't post my advent calendar tutorial until Christmas Eve!  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, which is exactly why I don't want to start it in November, because otherwise by the time it actually arrives the novelty will have worn off completely.  Take note shops, I don't really want to be hearing Christmas carols whilst I'm shopping for bonfire night sausages!

My tutorial is of course super simple, as I have mentioned before I need a quick hit, no faffing around for days to make something in my house.  This one is basically made using  baking parchment and a needle and thread.  I think however, this will be my last year using a stick or in this case branch.  It is probably about time I moved on from tree parts.

So here it is, my calendar for 2018 otherwise know as part 4 of things hung from a stick:

You will need:

  • baking parchment

  • needle

  • thread (I used embroidery thread)

  • scissors

  • whatever you would like to put in your advent calendar

  • a stick or branch

  • decoration (I used eucalyptus), make sure it will dry nicely if it is something fresh


Cut out 24 or 25  rectangles of paper from the parchment.  The size you need will depend on your 'gift', mine were approximately 25 x 20 cm.  They all varied slightly though, you don't need to be too precious about it unless you want perfection.


You may find a better way to fold your parchment to make a little pouch but this is how I made mine:

Lay your 'gift' on a rectangle, and fold the paper in half around it.


Next fold in the sides, I folded over twice, to make sure they stayed closed.


Do the same at the top to make a little pouch.


Thread your needle with some thread, this thread will also be used to tie the pouch to your branch, so make sure it is long enough.  Again I used different lengths but if you prefer symmetry make them all the same length.  The thread should be double, tie the ends together.

Next from the wrong side (the side where the folds show) push the needle through the top of the pouch, as a way of sealing it.


If you would like to decorate your pouch then push the needle through the decoration as well, to hold it in place.


Loop the thread back round and through again.


Cut the needle off the thread, leaving the thread long.


Repeat until all your pouches are made.


Finally hang the pouches on your branch and display.


If this one doesn't take your fancy, you can find my previous tutorials below (my favourite is the cloth one):

Happy making!

Emma x