Christmas Wrapping Tutorial

I debated about whether to call this a tutorial or not, it is more just an idea, but hopefully you might find it slightly inspiring.  I always tend to keep things fairly basic with my wrapping, I am definitely a brown paper girl, and have been using it in different guises now for several years.  This year, I was going to do something a bit different after spotting this gorgeous stamped brown paper from Papermash (made using their stamps), but with Dottie still being poorly, and Christmas approaching at a rapid rate, I've once again kept it simple! a-quiet-style-christmas-wrapping-9

You will need:

  • Brown paper
  • Twine - I used gold for a bit of Christmas sparkle
  • Stamp and stamp pad
  • Sellotape and/or washi-tape (all of the above items came from Papermash)
  • Brown parcel tags (you can get these in WH Smiths)
  • Pine branches - don't buy these, I went scavenging where they sell Christmas trees, and there were plenty of off-cuts on the floor
  • Scissors


1. I made up the tags first, by cutting down standard brown parcel tags (personally I just find them a bit big as they are), rounding off the edges and stamping.


2. I then swapped the plain string that was on the tags for the gold twine.


3. Next, start chopping down your pine branch, think about how big you want to make the wreaths because it might vary depending on the size of your present, for each wreath you need one piece.


4. As long as it is quite fresh, pine is very malleable, literally all I did, was shape each piece into a circle and then tie the two ends together at the top with twine, very easy!


5. Wrap your present in brown paper.


6. Finally, stick on your tag and wreath.  I used washi-tape for the tag, and for the wreath I used ordinary sellotape folded in a loop to make it double-sided.


That's it, very quick and easy, and smells of Christmas too!

Have a great weekend.

Emma x

Papermash very kindly provided me with the stationery for this project but all words, images, and opinions are entirely my own.