Dottie turns two!

This time last week, Dottie hit the grand old age of two, and as I shared a photo of Elvia turning eight, it wouldn't quite seem fair if I didn't share Dottie's birthday photo too.  Unfortunately getting one proved a little bit more challenging with her! You might wonder why there is such a big age gap between our two girls, well, for a very long time after having Elvia, I was adamant that I only wanted one child, as I've mentioned before I am absolutely rubbish at pregnancy and if I'm honest, I struggled after Elvia was born, having a baby made me realise that I'm a control freak, (something probably the rest of my family knew long ago), and all of a sudden I no longer had control of my life.  Instead, a very tiny person had taken control, and along with my control leaving, a permanent fear had entered, the fear of being responsible for something so very precious.

In January 2012, I got hit by a taxi when I was crossing the road, I won't bore you with the details, but it was the driver's fault and he was prosecuted.  I was very lucky, I was on crutches for about 4 months after and other than that I got off very lightly. But as it turns out, being knocked over, actually did me a favour, because it made me re-evaluate my life, and I suddenly felt an over-whelming desire for another child, so that is how Dottie came to be.  I also want to mention here too, that being a Mum the second time round is a totally different experience, I haven't been permanently scared, I have actually enjoyed it, and I appreciate every minute with both of my beautiful girls.

Dottie is such a little character, she brings a great deal of joy, almost permanently smiling and full of mischief, she is very different from her big sister (I can't help but wonder if my more relaxed mentality this time round has a lot to do with that).  I love seeing them together now, its so very sweet, the way they interact.  Dottie loves painting, and climbing, eating and imitating what people say which as you can imagine is sometimes highly amusing!  She is totally fearless, and I hope that spirit of adventure stays with her.  She is also stubborn and strong-willed and is most definitely enjoying testing the boundaries right now, but that is a two year old's job after all!

Each birthday, I take a photo of the girls for an album I will give them when they turn 18, you can read a bit more about that in my post about Elvia turning 8.  As I mentioned earlier, taking a photo of Dottie wasn't quite as easy as I hoped it would be, most of my first attempts were of the top of her head!  After my initial failure, I thought I'd have a sneaky attempt as we were leaving the house, but she decided she didn't want her photo taken and turned her back to hide her face against the wall, again, another cute photo but not ideal for her birthday book!


Fortunately, my lovely Elvia stepped in, and with a bit of coaxing and copying of her sister, I managed to get a couple of snaps.



They don't depict the beautifully presented child I was hoping for, but they show Dottie's character perfectly, which is even better, and at least we can see her cheeky face!

Have a lovely weekend.

Emma x