My Elvia

Hello, I hope you have had a lovely weekend, today is a holiday in the UK, so we have been lucky to have a long weekend, and even better the sun has been shining constantly. Last week I introduced you to my little Dottie, and this week I thought you might like to meet my big girl, Elvia. Elvia is 7 years old, she is happy, sociable, bright, and I am constantly in awe of how something so beautiful could have come from me. We decided on her name whilst I was pregnant, (well I say we, my husband didn't really get a choice, and everyone knows better than to mess with a pregnant woman!) Elvia means friend to the Elves, and it suits her perfectly, she is fascinated by the idea of fairies and the such like, and I rightly, or wrongly am happy to maintain her innocence and beliefs for as long as possible.






As well as her love for all things magical, Elvia is a ferocious  book worm, she devours books at lightening speed, her book collection is getting so large we may well have to buy a bigger house to accommodate it! But of course, she is not perfect, and nor would I want her to be, she is stubborn, feisty and definitely prone to the dramatic, but she is my Elvia and always will be and I will love her until the end of time.

Emma x