Elvia turns 9


This week, Elvia turned 9 years old.  With the fading light this time of year, and a rush after opening presents in the morning, I just managed to take a quick snap on the way to school for the birthday book I keep for her.  Each year, I add a birthday photo, so when she turns 18, she can see how she has changed over the years.

I also can't resist getting all sentimental here, in the same way I did last year, again in the hope, that perhaps she might read these posts one day in the distant future.

My darling Elvia,

How can you be 9 already?  My baby girl, you are growing up so fast.  When I said that to you the other day, you told me not to worry, because soon you would be old enough to help me with Dottie, and give me a break by taking her out.  My sweet girl.

You make me proud every day, with your kind heart, and in so many other ways; this year I cried when you sang an acapella solo at the school fete, you were terrified, and yet you still did it, you are so brave, hold on to that.  You finally mastered the monkey bars at the park, you didn't give up, trying again and again until you managed it triumphantly.  Your first performance at The Dome with Theatre Workshop, you worried about it for weeks, but you did it!  When Mr Page, your teacher told me how on a school trip without prompting, you held a fold up seat down for an elderly lady who got on the bus.  And of course at school, you shine brightly, how proud you were to get a rarely given platinum award, such an amazing achievement.  So many many things, but those are just a few that I will always remember.

You still read avidly, devouring whole books on a daily basis, and I realised this year, the impact that has, when you wrote something much more eloquently than I ever could!  Sometimes you read to Dottie too, it makes me so happy to see, and she adores 'her Elvia', even though I know it's hard when she wrecks your toys.

You still love to sing, and I love to hear you singing, Daddy and I have no idea where you got your voice from, it certainly wasn't from either of us.  What else do you like?  As I write this, you are kneeling on the floor building something from lego, a new favourite past time.  Climbing on things at the park, as I hold my breath, that is definitely where it's at currently!

Sometimes you struggle with needing things to be perfect, but there are worse things in life than being a perfectionist, and as long as you don't give up trying things, then it will all be fine.

I can also see changes in you, as you grow up, I know you find it hard occasionally to cope with the emotions you feel, and I wish that I could make those feelings go away.  Just remember that I understand, and I am always here to give you a cuddle when you can't stop crying or feel overwhelmed with anger, but I also know that you don't always want that, sometimes you just want to be on your own.  And it is ok to feel that way, those feelings will always pass I promise.

Most of the time though, you laugh, tell jokes, play, dance, and make me smile.

I love you so so much, thank you for being my special girl, you always will be, even when you are 15 years old, and too embarrassed to walk along the street with me.

Happy Birthday my sweet.

Mummy xxxxx