Emily W Photography

A couple of months ago, Emily Walker, a natural light photographer got in touch with me.  Emily had come across the blog, and realising we had a lot in common, sent me an email asking if I she could come and photograph the girls and me.  I must admit, at first I was slightly sceptical, for two reasons, firstly I generally hate photos of myself and secondly, we had some photos taken when Elvia was tiny, and as much as I loved them at the time, now I look at them, and find them a little bit too unnatural!  But I took a look at Emily's website, and really liked what I saw, and I thought it might be nice to actually have some photos of us together. We decided to take the photos at one of my favourite places, the apple orchard at Stanmer Park, I take the girls there quite a bit, and it really is lovely.  The biggest surprise when I met Emily there, was the fact she shoots film, and for those of you who are younger than me, that doesn't mean she takes videos, but she uses good old fashioned rolls of film instead of a digital camera.  Emily was incredibly warm, and the girls took to her straight away, I also liked the fact that she wasn't afraid to be a little bit silly in order to make them (and me) chuckle.  The time flew by, and surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

But the best bit of all, is the results of our afternoon together! I am so thrilled with the photos, I think they are just beautiful.  She has captured Elvia and Dottie's personalities perfectly, and they will be something that I will always treasure.  I have shared my favourites below, believe me, I had a pretty tough time narrowing it down, and I could have included many more, but if you fancy you can pop over to Emily's website where she has also shared her favourites.

If you would like to see more of Emily's work, you can find her here.

Emma x