My Favourite Flower - Jeska Hearne

Today's guest for the My Favourite Flower column is Jeska Hearne, who not only writes the award winning and totally brilliant Lobster & Swan blog, but is also one half of The Future Kept,  a beautiful online store that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Jeska's favourite flower is the peony, and I imagine she isn't the only one whose a fan of these billowing beauties, here is what she has to say about them:

"My favourite flowers are peonies, these blousy fluffy blooms only have a short season, but I really feel like summer is arriving when they pop their pretty heads up!  I am particularly in love with the Coral Sunset variety, I love how they change from a bright pinky coral to orange, and then through gold to the palest yellow, before their petals fall off, to leave a scattered carpet of faded prettiness."


How do you like to display them in your home?

"Everywhere! I grab as many as I can afford in all colours, and pop them in vases, old mugs and jars in every room.  I like to have them by my bedside the most, so their shabbiest last days are savoured every morning when I wake up."






All photos by Jeska Hearne

Thank you so much for sharing your favourite flower with us here Jeska, along with such beautiful photos from earlier this year.  I look forward to seeing some more of your lovely peony shots next May.

You can find Jeska here:

Have a great week.

Emma x