Shop Highlight - Freight

I can't believe it is the first day of June, and not only that, I can't believe that this morning I sent my daughter to school in a winter coat.  What an earth is going on, it would be nice to wear some of my summer clothes this year, even if it is only once! Anyway, moving on to something  a lot more interesting than my stereo-typical British obsession with the weather, today I am very excited about introducing you to a new shop.  I think it was Ellen from SIDELINE that told me about Freight, she was right when she said she thought it would be my kind of place, I absolutely love it.  Freight is run my mother and daughter, Helene and Adele, and it is a small but beautifully curated store in Lewes.  Each piece they stock is very carefully sourced, for it's integrity, functionality, durability and timeless aesthetic.  Freight also manufacture about 30% of their products, usually items they use personally, that they look to bring back in to production because they are no longer readily available.

Helene is well known in Lewes, as this isn't her first shop in the town.  She told me, that people always recognise her basic style.  Her previous shop was open for 12 years until she closed it in 2010, but then after doing a pop-up shop with Adele in 2013 for 3 months, and establishing relationships with some great manufacturers, they decided to open Freight permanently.   Helene and Adele are now working on gradually building a collection for this new store, rather than the constant seasonal changes you often find in other shops.

Freight have also just launched their website, which includes all of their beautiful products, so if you can't make it to Lewes, I would highly recommend you take a look.

Have a good week.

Emma x