Goodbye July

Can someone please tell me how it can be August already?  I think once you get in the school cycle, and your year is broken down to 6 week periods that's it, time just seems to speed up. Either that or I was abducted by aliens at some point this year, and missed a couple of months somewhere along the line! As usual, I want to start the new month by saying goodbye to the old with a few of my favourite photos, I toyed with the idea of using my most liked images on instagram, but maybe next time or for a different post all together!  July was mostly a month of roses, its funny how things you dislike as a child, in this case roses, become things you adore as an adult.  I often wonder if it is because your tastes change or because these things start to remind you of your childhood.  Actually, if I am honest I am still not too keen on standard roses all lined up on parade, but these days, I can't walk past a lovely old rambling rose without having a sniff or taking a photo (much to the annoyance of the rest of the family)!


That's it from me today, I hope you like the photos, and I wish you an August full of sunshine and happy times.

Have a great weekend.

Emma x