Heather Flower Crown Tutorial

After a summer break, it was lovely to see Caroline from  Wild Rubus again for another flower tutorial. This month, we show you how to make a very simple, but beautiful flower crown using heather. Heather is a plant that you can forage for, but if you can't find any, then don't fret, you can pick up plants very cheaply, and after a bit of a haircut for the tutorial, you could plant them in your garden.

For one crown, you will need:

  • Heather, the amount depends on how full you would like your crown to be, we used one plant and a few good handfuls

  • 2 x Florists stub wire, we used 1.00mm x 300mm, but any wire sturdy enough to hold it's shape with flowers attached will be fine

  • Florists tape

  • Scissors

1.  Attach the two pieces of wire together using tape, so that it is long enough to fit round your head.

2.  Create a hook at each end, so that you can fasten them together.

3.  Cut some florists tape in half lengthways, and wrap it all the way along the wire to strengthen it, pulling as you go, to keep it as neat as possible.

4.  Cut your heather ready, stripping the leaves off the bottom 2cms of each stem.  How long you cut the heather will effect the fullness of the finished crown.

5.  Starting at one end of the crown, tape little bundles (about 3 pieces at a time) of heather to the wire, wrapping the tape round each bundle of stems.

6,  Keep going all the way along the wire, adding one bundle of heather at a time.  Making sure you cover the stems of the previous bundle, until you have covered all the wire.


  • Getting bundles of heather prepared before starting to attach them to the wire, makes it much easier and quicker to finish the crown

  • If you can't get heather, flowers such as lavender, gypsophila, and sea lavender work well too, as they all dry out nicely

  • Always try to pull the tape as you wrap the bundles, it will give a smoother and neater finish

Modelled beautifully by Elvia and Dottie don't you think?  Although I must admit, there might have been bribes involved to get them to stand still long enough for a photo!

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to check out Caroline's blog to see what she has to say about this month's tutorial.

Emma x