Life isn't all slow living

Last week, I wrote a post about slow living, and I meant every word of it.  But today I feel the urge to write another post, about what life is like when it isn't slow.

Just prior to sitting down to write this, I was trying to cook two completely different things from two different recipe books, one was granola so I actually have something to eat in the morning for breakfast, unlike today!  The other, a dish for an event I am going to tomorrow, which incidentally wasn't the dish I was planning on making, because when I went to get the main ingredient out of the cupboard for my original dish, I discovered that I only had enough left to feed a baby!  The worktops were covered with different ingredients, dirty dishes, and a half eaten bowl of apple crumble, from which I shoved a spoonful in my mouth every so often.

About 20 minutes into my cooking marathon, Dottie started crying (she has recently developed an irrational fear of the dark), which meant a trip to the top floor of the house just as one of my saucepans started to boil.  Then 10 minutes after that, Elvia shouted down from the bathroom, to tell me that she was now ready for me to dry her hair, which meant leaving said saucepan to it's own devices again whilst I performed my hairdresser duties.

The dish for tomorrow is now made, or at least partly because again I realised I didn't have all the ingredients, which means a last minute bit of cooking in between the morning school run and leaving the house at 9.30 am tomorrow!  The granola is in the oven, nearly ready, but I still have emails to answer, and wet swimming clothes to sort before sitting down and turning off for the evening.

This was just the last few hours of a busy day.  Not every day is like this by any means, but I just wanted to write this to say, that it isn't all about slow living.  To give some perspective and to be honest.  Slow living is a wonderful thing, and yes I wish that was my whole life, but it isn't, and as with everything that we see, and read, don't feel that you are doing something wrong if your life isn't slow. Modern life generally isn't, and the best we can do, is try to find slowness when we get the chance, and when our lives don't feel like my photo up there, then that's ok too.

Emma x