Lovely Amsterdam Shops

There is nothing I like better than to mooch around a beautifully curated shop, regardless of whether I buy anything or not. I like to take in the atmosphere, try and imagine my house looking as good, and occasionally if I fall in love, then get pleasure from opening up a little bag when I get home and finding a new place for a piece of the lifestyle I am being sold. Sadly, I didn't get much of a chance to browse in Amsterdam, for 2 reasons, firstly, shopping is not really what a family holiday is about, and secondly, Dottie isn't quite as keen on shopping as me, in fact when it comes to shopping, she is definitely not her mother's daughter!  But, all that being said, I did stumble across 2 pretty stores in the Jordaan district that I wanted to share with you today:

Brainy Days - Think, Collect, Create

A lovely little lifestyle store, the owner Vera changes the theme every 3 months, and when I visited, it was 'Let's be adventurous'. My favourite items were the feather pictures (I have a bit of a thing about feathers at the moment), and the gorgeous leather goods.  Brainy Days also have a website here, if you fancy taking a look.

AnnLiz - For a curated fair & eco lifestyle

This gorgeous shop sells mainly women's and kids clothes, but also some lifestyle products, like the pretty wall hung vases you can see in the photos.  The kids clothes were super cute, quite how I managed not to buy anything for the girls I'll never know!  AnnLiz also have a website here.

I'm sure if I had a few more hours to go browsing, I would have discovered lots more beautiful shops, but these definitely satisfied my desire for perusing all things stylish, well for a little while at least!

Emma x