Makelight Styling & Photography Project

As you know, I attended one of Emily Quinton's Makelight Workshops a couple of weeks ago, and this week, Emily gave all previous attendees of her workshops a little project to do if they fancied; to take one item, absolutely anything at all, and style and photograph it in 3 different ways, using as many other props as required as long as the one item is in each photograph. I thought it was such a great project, I couldn't wait to get started, and as it happened I had just bought the perfect subject from the market, a little bunch of fresh mixed herbs!  I had actually bought them for cooking, but I am becoming such a photography addict, that nothing is safe in our house these days, and I decided to sacrifice the lot, and any potential flavour in my food for art!

The photos are obviously all different, but I have tried to keep the overall feel cohesive so the images all look good together, below you can see the results, my little bunch of herbs styled in 3 different ways:


Just home from the market, I love the colour contrast of the herbs and bag against our old kitchen door.


A simple still life, including my 2 other purchases and the brown paper bag they came in, I quite like using brown paper as a background, it adds a bit of texture to a photo.


And finally, I mixed the herbs in with a few flowers to make a posy, I am pleased with the contrast of the raw wood behind in this photo, and the rustic element it gives.

I hope you like the photos, I definitely enjoyed taking them, and thank you Emily for a fun challenge. Have a great weekend.

Emma x