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Like most people nowadays, I firmly believe in the importance of supporting independent businesses, which is why I always keep my eye out for any that I can feature here on the blog.  Todays post, therefore, is all about an online store that I have fallen for, not only because it is beautifully curated but also because of the ethos behind it, and who better to tell us more, than Danielle, one of the owners. "MÛR is a home and lifestyle shop of curated quality goods that is owned and run by my husband Joel and myself. We had long felt the itch to tackle something together and MÛR was the perfect manifestation of both our passions. Joel has worked as a trained chef for the last decade and has loved using food as a means to experiment and create. Apart from cooking, he has also had a keen interest in entrepreneurialism and has always wanted to take on the challenge of running his own business, to branch off and generate his own work. As for me, I have had a love for design and styling for as long as I can remember! Although not a schooled designer I have worked at perfecting this craft through various collaborations and projects such as styling photo shoots and decorating spaces. Creativity has been a driving force in both our lives and we wanted a platform where we could do more of what we love. So in the spring of 2014 we finally decided to take the plunge to realize this dream of ours and launched MÛR, our online shop.




Our philosophy is quite simple. We love beautiful and functional pieces that carry a timeless aesthetic. But more importantly we want to encourage people to move away from the “disposable culture” that is so prevalent and adopt a more mindful approach to buying. Given this, we seek out goods produced by small scale manufacturers, artisans and designers who also subscribe to this philosophy. The result is a collection of beautiful, lasting pieces.

We understand that what we do at MÛR isn’t new or innovative but we are glad to be amongst the community of shops like ours who are contributing to the growing culture that is seeking quality.




As for the future, our plans are to expand beyond our online store and establish a “brick and mortar” shop here in Winnipeg, Manitoba (CANADA). Our desire is to build a community around what we do within our own city. Part of the dream of mending our passion for food and design is to one day incorporate a European market concept to the existing shop, offering fresh local produce and unique imported food products."




All photos by MÛR Lifestyle

You can tell from the photos, that each item MÛR stock is made with love, and I hope that they achieve their dream of a bricks and mortar shop very soon.  If you would like to see more, you can find MÛR here.

I'm also very excited to let you know that Danielle will be bringing her gift for beautiful styling to the blog again next week, as my guest for this month's A Shared Style column.  I can't wait to share that with you, but in the meantime, have a great weekend.

Emma x