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Hello again!  I could barely wait to share this month's A Shared Style column, because as I mentioned on Friday, my guest is Danielle from the gorgeous MÛR Lifestyle, and not surprisingly, her home is as beautiful as the online store she owns with her husband. A-Shared-Style-MUR2

Which part of your home have you shared?

I’ve decided to share my bedroom which I also share with my wonderful husband Joel! This is definitely my favourite room in the whole house probably because it receives the most natural light. Although I don’t spend an enormous amount of time in the bedroom, apart from sleeping, I do find myself sneaking in there periodically throughout the day to spend a few minutes to recharge and enjoy the warmth of the sunlight.


Our bedroom is a mix of old and new things. The dresser is a midcentury piece that we purchased second hand. The grey work lamp is a great IKEA find…I love it for its simple industrial feel. One of my favourite pieces in the room is the porcelain hand that sits on our dresser. I found it at an antique store while shopping with my mom. She thought it was the most hilarious thing! She kept saying “Why are you buying a hand?!” I love it! I think it’s quirky and elegant all at once.


How would you describe your interiors style?

The truth is I feel like my style is constantly evolving but generally I love my spaces to be bright but neutral. All of our walls are painted white and we also just recently painted our upstairs floors white. I suppose most people would say that’s overdoing the white but I love how surprisingly warm it feels and plus it’s a great backdrop for all the other pieces in the room. To complement the white I like to add layers of other neutrals (gray, black, brown, cream, etc.) as well as natural textures such as wood, linen, wool. And to finish a room off, I add a variety of unique objects that I’ve either found, collected or bought…objects that inspire me.


Do you have any tips for styling your home?

Trust your instinct. I think most people have a good idea of what they like and don’t like. And if you’re really not sure, then flipping through home décor books or using tools such as Pinterest can be a great help. The more pictures you collect the more you will see a common thread in all of them and your style will reveal itself to you, so to speak.


My personal favourite thing to do to style my house is to scour antiques stores and flea markets to find all sorts of unique treasures. I have a weakness for objects and pieces that have a story, that have been loved and passed down through the generations and I find that these timeworn pieces add such a rich layer to a space.

And plants! You can never go wrong with a bit of greenery!


Is there anyone whose interior style you admire?

Oh, there are lots! And the list always seems to be growing! But the ones that stand out are Beth Kirby from the blog Local Milk…I mean, come on, have you seen her kitchen?! The stuff of dreams!! I also love Amanda Watters’ house for her blend of traditional and modern décor as well as the interior of photographer Benjamin Holtrop, who is like only 22 years old by the way, but has the most simple yet incredibly refined style. Definitely check him out!


All photos by MÛR Lifestyle

I have totally fallen for Danielle and Joel's calm and serene styling, it makes me what to declutter more than ever.  Great advice too, to look for a common theme in the interiors images you like. Thank you so much for being my guest Danielle, I loved having you here.

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Have a good week.

Emma x