Sideline S/S16

I wanted to pop by today, to show you the Spring/Summer collection from SIDELINE.  If you have been following me for a while now, you might remember me mentioning them before.  SIDELINE was founded by Ellen Brookes, at around a similar time to me starting this blog.  So it feels right to me to follow Ellen on her journey, especially as she is local to Brighton.  I don't really need to tell you anymore about Ellen and her wonderful clothing brand, as you can read more about both in my previous posts, here and here. So instead, here is a glimpse into Spring/Summer16.  As always, Ellen has designed a collection of beautiful, timeless pieces with gorgeous detailing, and that yellow, I definitely need some of that in my life!

Sideline 2216-0046
Sideline 2216-0016
Sideline 2216-0029
Sideline 2216-0037
Sideline 2216-0048
Sideline 2216-0056
Sideline 2216-0024
Sideline 2216-0019

If you fancy owning a piece yourself, you can purchase via the SIDELINE website or from the stores listed.

Emma x