2015 - a year for simplicity & kindness

I often wonder about the balance with blogging, particularly a lifestyle blog like mine, should I share more about myself and my life, does anyone really want to read that stuff, and do I really want to tell, or is it all about the photos of peoples houses, the new shops and of course the flowers?  I'm not sure I will ever really know the answer, so just in case, this post comes with a warning, it is a lot more personal than usual! aquietstyle-2015a

I've thought long and hard about my resolutions for this year, and have decided that really they can be summed up in 2 words; simplicity and kindness.

The simplicity refers to life as a whole, I have an almost overwhelming desire at the moment to pare back; our house feels like it needs a good clear out (not that we have tons of clutter, but I am feeling slightly suffocated at the moment by the stuff of life that just accumulates), simpler activities, walking, learning to appreciate again what is around us, sharing that with our girls, and just trying to stop this innate feeling that we must always be out and about doing something.


As for the kindness, it's not about being kind to others, because it goes without say that I believe that is something we should always aspire to, but it is about being kinder to myself and my family.  Not long after having Dottie, a chronic condition that I was diagnosed with years ago came back, I have my theories as to why, mainly due to a very difficult pregnancy taking its toll on my body, its reappearance has led to many tears, but I know from the past, that despite it being considered incurable, with damn hardwork and determination it can go into remission!


That hard work involves being a great deal kinder to my body than I am now, by eating an extremely clean diet (no dairy, no wheat, no sugar, etc), and taking time out to relax, exercise, switch off, and stop worrying about everything so much.  You might think that sounds relatively easy, but despite my small frame, I love my food, I love bread and butter and chocolate, I would go so far as to say that it makes me happy, and I'm an all or nothing kind of girl, I have an addict's mentality to sugar, I can't do half measures, so that means I have to give it all up, which is hard, whatever anyone might say. But by being kinder to myself, I will be being kinder to my family, I don't want them to have to put up with a grumpy wife and mother, or compromise because of me and my current shortcomings, after all, life is too damn short to live half-heartedly, and right now, that means giving myself the best chance at being as healthy as I can possibly be!

Emma x