Spring Flower Bowl Tutorial

It has been way too long since my friend Caroline from Wild Rubus and I got together.  Our tutorials used to be a monthly event, but I think it has been well over a year since the last one, and I have missed seeing her   So it was a joy to catch-up alongside messing about with flowers.  And I hope she will forgive me for showing her lovely face in some of these pictures. For Spring, Caroline suggested a simple tutorial to bring a bit of the outside in.  It is one that can be done in any bowl so you don't need a fancy container, and would make a great table centre piece.  As always, our tutorial is just a guide, so use whatever you fancy, but daffodils and narcissus can be picked up for a song at the moment so they might be a good place to start.

spring flower tutorial

spring flower tutorial

You will need:

  • a bowl, we used noodle bowls but any cereal or dessert bowl would do

  • chicken wire (about 2.5 times the diameter and a bit wider than the bowl)

  • tape

  • a selection of flowers, we used: tulips, narcissus, anemones, sea lavender and snow drops along side some foraged foliage

  • secateurs

  • flower food if possible

spring flower tutorial
spring flower tutorial

1. Fold the wire, so there is 3 levels, and it will fit in the bowl to make a secure base to hold the flower stems.  Tape over the top to hold it in place.


2.  Fill the bowl with water and add flower food if you have any, as it is tricky to change the water once the arrangement is complete.

3.  Start building a domed shape with the foliage.  Don't worry if the stems don't touch the base of the bowl, the wire will hold them in place.

spring flower tutorial
spring flower tutorial

4. Add in the flowers, dividing them evenly throughout the arrangement.  Remember these will be going in at an angle so make sure you cut them long enough.

spring flower tutorial

5. Stand back and spin the bowl so you can see it from every side, and check it is balanced, and that's it, all done!

spring flower tutorial

Don't forget to tag Caroline and me if you have a go yourself.  We are hoping to do an arrangement each season so look out for another one in a couple of months.  And also pop over to her blog to see what she has to say about this one.

Emma x