Styling the Seasons - November

A simple post from me for this month's Styling the Seasons (if you've no idea what I am talking about, you can read about it in my previous posts here and here).  But I just about managed to get it done before December! For me November usually means, a sudden drop in temperature, getting cosy inside as the nights draw in, a hot bath in the evening to warm myself through after an afternoon spent in the park, and of course wearing as many clothes as possible to a fireworks display.  This November has been a bit different, we didn't make it to a firework display as Elvia was at her Nana's house and Dottie is a bit too young, and we have had so much rain recently, there haven't even been many visits to the park.

We have however, managed a couple of Sunday morning walks when it has stopped raining to enjoy the autumnal colours, and gather a few berries.  One of my favourite things to do is walk on a Sunday morning, something I used to hate as a child is now such a pleasure, part of the enjoyment of course comes from the promise of a hot cuppa and more importantly a slice of cake on our return home.  I have used some of our gatherings on my fireplace for this month's post (I couldn't resist these gorgeous berries), and you can also see a glimpse of the foliage wreath that will be featured in tomorrow's tutorial.





The book you can see, is my latest vintage fair find, I couldn't resist the gorgeous cover.  I quite like displaying books as a piece of art, especially if the insides are beautiful too, you can leave them open and change the pages every so often.

That's it from me today, see you tomorrow for the wreath tutorial!

Emma x