Styling the Seasons - September

Hello there, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  The sun is back in Brighton, so I am hoping we are getting the Indian summer that everyone has been talking about, I personally, am definitely not ready for winter yet! I felt very excited recently to be asked by Katy from Apartment Apothecary, a blog that I much admire, if I would like to take part in a new monthly blog series, Styling the Seasons, that she has started along with Charlotte from Lotts and Lots, an equally lovely blog.  The idea behind the series is to take any surface in your home, and style it to reflect the new month, and what it means to you, therefore reflecting seasonal changes inside as they naturally occur outside.  Anyone is welcome to join in, as and when they feel like it, if you fancy getting involved, just photograph your styled surface and share it on your blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #StylingtheSeasons, make sure you tag Katy and Charlotte too!  At the end of each month, they will both share their favourites on Apartment Apothecary and Lotts and Lots.

Today is the perfect day to share my styled surface, as it is a day of change for me.  It is the first day I have had without either of my girls at home, Dottie started nursery two days a week, in the middle of August, and Elvia is now back at school.  As you can imagine, I have mixed emotions, I have been looking forward to some time to concentrate on blogging, but now the reality is here, the house feels empty and I am missing them both terribly.  I'm sure I will get used to it soon enough, but there will be even more cuddles than normal later today!

Anyway, back to Styling the Seasons, September is a month that represents foraging and as always for me, seasonal flowers, in this instance, dahlias. My usual blackberry picking was scuppered by some travelling folk making our secret spot their current home, but instead I have windfall apples from my Dad and step-Mum's house.  As for the dahlias, they don't come much prettier than these from my Mum's garden.  What a lucky girl I am!




I thought it might be nice to include some behind the scenes photos, so to speak.






I thoroughly enjoyed Katy and Charlotte's challenge, the concept behind it is brilliant so I definitely intend to join in every month, but I am also in the process of firming up ideas for A Quiet Style, and what else I include here, any regular features, etc.  If you have any thoughts on what you would like to see, I really would love to hear them, you can either leave a comment, drop me an email or contact me through Facebook, whichever you would prefer, any feedback positive or negative, is always helpful to us bloggers.

Have a great week.

Emma x