Styling the Seasons - February

Well, guess what?  I'm here with my February Styling the Seasons post, and we aren't even half way through the month!  I'm not quite sure what's going on, actually that's not entirely true, I am making a conscious effort to publish them sooner, just in case anyone feels inspired to try something similar themselves. I've also styled a completely different surface, I thought you might be getting a bit bored with my dining room mantlepiece, and I fancied a change, so I've gone for a windowsill in our sitting room, and I have to say I love it, a glance over every now and then is bringing a smile to my face.

February is a month full of meaning for me, it reminds me of my beloved Gran, she was a leap-year baby, born on the 29th February, which made her pretty special in my book.  Not your typical little old Granny, my Gran was strong, independent and feisty as hell.  She learnt to drive when my Grandad died a year or so after he retired, imagine that, learning to drive in your 60s, that takes some guts, and not only that, she started travelling too. So as you can imagine, she was quite an inspiration to me.

I always felt truly loved by her, and of course, she spoilt us all rotten, a Grandmother's prerogative. My sister, my brother and I, would stay with her during every school holiday, and there would be trips to museums, fresh cakes from the bakers and enough sweets to make a dentist's toes curl!  Each morning we would get in her bed and chat whilst she drank a cup of tea from the teas-made, planning the day ahead, before a cooked breakfast.  I stayed with her for a few months in my early twenties and I think I put on about a stone and a half!

By the time Gran died, we had already lost her, it broke my heart to watch dementia steal her dignity during her final years, but she always live on in my many many happy memories, and she will always be the pillar of strength in my childhood.

So, this month I have dedicated my Styling the Seasons post to my Granny Bob, because amongst everything else, it was her that instigated my love of flowers, after warm afternoons sat on her back step potting on shoots, and then watching them grow.  I hope that she would approve of my line-up this month, letting each flower speak for itself, just as she would have done.

Emma x

(For those that are new to the blog, Styling the Seasons is a brilliant concept by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots, anyone can join in, just share your monthly styled surface on your blog or social media with #StylingtheSeasons, and by tagging Katy and Charlotte.)