Styling the Seasons - July

As I sit here and type this, the rain is hammering down outside, not to mention the gale force winds, I have to say, it doesn't feel much like summer.  But all is not lost, because this month, I've brought the summer inside for my Styling the Seasons post.  In response for a request for some styling tips in another post recently, I also thought it might be quite fun to breakdown the process of creating the final image.

July is a long awaited month in our household, because with it, comes the promise of the six week school holiday.  I'm a funny old soul really, I quite like routine, but at the same time, I hate the monotony of the school term; the stressful mornings, the last minute homework panics, and the days and weeks blurring into one.  So I really look forward to this time off, because of all those things, but also obviously because I get to spend some time with my big girl.  There will no doubt, be endless trips to the park, lots of ice-cream, paddling in the sea and hopefully a few days of nothing much at all.

Alongside that, July is also the month when our front garden is full of lavender.  I use the term front garden loosely, it is basically a 3 foot deep flower bed, but it makes my heart sing everytime I look at it.  It is always covered in bees and I'm pretty certain some local bee-hive owners get a bounty of delicious lavender scented honey from our patch.  It is also my favourite time of year when it comes to fruit; strawberries, peaches, nectarines, cherries, nothing beats their sweet juiciness.  So, what better way to style July than with the smell and taste of summer.

And for the behind the scenes action:

Firstly, gathering together the stars of the show; lavender, cherries and nectarines.

Next, some props to add a bit variety and texture, the bowls, cloth, cutting board and knife.

Starting simply.  I decided not to use the wooden bowl for the nectarines.

Adding interest, although I liked the shot above, it was just a little bit too simple, so I added some interest by cutting a nectarine in half.

Finally, one further addition, the chair and cloth.

From a different perspective:

Lastly from above.  If you look carefully, you can see the cloth I used under the cherries, I didn't have quite enough to fill the bowl.

So that's it, fruit and flowers, the perfect mix in my opinion!

Enjoy what's left of July.

Emma x

PS Anyone can join in with Styling the Seasons, it was set up by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots, and you can read more about it on both of their blogs.