Summer Inspiration

I am loathe to admit it, but I am a stereotypical Brit, and totally obsessed with the weather!  At the first hint of sun, I'm outside making the most of it, just in case it disappears and the rain clouds start to roll in.  But apart from a bone-rattling thunderstorm during the night yesterday, those clouds have stayed well away. Today in honour of this glorious weather and in preparation for the school summer holidays which start next week, I thought I would share some sunny and pink inspiration (i'm starting to realise I have a bit of a pink obsession at the moment)!


Image sources clockwise from top left:

  1. Rhubarb and rose cake
  2. Teepee
  3. Dahlia
  4. Lollies

As I sat here and typed this post, you can guess what happened, the sky went black and the rain came, oh well, at least the plants get a good water!

Happy weekend!

Emma x