Teacup Posy Tutorial

It's funny because both Caroline from Wild Rubus and I, had the same idea for this month's tutorial, a posy in a teacup!  It's a little bit more twee than I would usually go for, but if you can't be twee at Easter when can you be, and I have to say I absolutely love it!

You will need:

  • A teacup and saucer

  • Floral foam

  • Scissors

  • 1 x garden rose or focal flower

  • Smaller roses

  • Ranunculus

  • Miniature daffodils

  • Spray roses

  • Clematis

  • Foliage

We literally only used between one and two of each flower, so you don't need many at all.

1.  Cut a piece of foam to fit the inside of the teacup, make sure you angle the edges to give a good surface area.

2.  Soak the foam in water, don't be tempted to push it down, just let it naturally absorb the water.   Then put the foam in the teacup.

3.  Start by adding the focal flower, snip it short enough so that the flower head sits against the edge of the teacup.

4. Next add a piece of foliage beside the focal flower.

5.  Add a ranunculus and then a couple of the smaller roses, the idea is to create a nest around the focal flower.

6. Fill in with spray roses, leaving them slightly longer to add some height.

7.  Do the same with the clematis.

8.  If you prefer, you can make the arrangement slightly asymmetrical by leaving the stems longer at the back.

9.  Add in some daffodils.

10. Finally, fill in any gaps at the back with foliage, and left over flowers.

Hints & Tips:

  • Make sure you snip the stems at an angle.

  • With the soft stemmed flowers, use a skewer or the stem of a more woody flower to create the hole first.

  • It is important to keep the foam well-watered.

Here's my attempt:

What do you think?  The perfect Easter arrangement!  If you hop over to Caroline's blog, you find out what she has to say about this month's tutorial.

Have a great week.

Emma x