Thank you Instagram

At the weekend, I hit 10,000 followers on instagram, I still can't quite believe it, are there really that many people who think my photos are worth looking at! So today, I just want to say thank you so much to all of those that follow me there, and take the time to like and comment on my photos, I don't always have the chance to respond to everyone's comments anymore, but I do read what you say, and it means a great deal.

I am so incredibly grateful for Instagram, not only, have I made some truly lovely online friends, but the genuinely supportive community I have found there, has done so much for me personally, they have taken a person filled with self-doubt about their ability and given them the confidence to take photographs and share them, what a gift that is! I really cannot say thank you enough.


Whilst I am here, I want to share those whose photos continue to inspire me, so below are a few of my many many favourite instagrammers:

One more thing, because I am beaming with pride, I just thought I would mention that yesterday a couple of my photos were featured in The Sunday Telegraph as part of a great article about Pinterest.

Have a great week.

Emma x