Tiffany Lynch

Today I thought I would show you some paintings by one of my favourite local artists, Tiffany Lynch. I have been a big fan of Tiffany's for a while now, I came across her work at the Brighton Artists Open Houses a few years ago and was captivated by the dreamlike, magical imagery that she portrays. Her paintings transport you to an ethereal world, filled with mystical creatures and soft colours. Tiffany's inspiration is very apparent; hedgerows, forest realms, and the ever changing beauty of the seasons. I was very lucky recently that Tiffany agreed to do a painting for Dottie's bedroom, there is always a risk with a commission, but I am ecstatic with the results.  She has met Dottie and has created the perfect piece for her, one I am sure she will grow to treasure as she gets older.  In the unlikely event that I get round to finishing Dottie's bedroom before she grows up and leaves home, then I will share her painting with you, but in the meantime, here are some other lovely examples of Tiffany's work!







I'm a little bit in love with everyone of the above paintings, If you would like to see more, you can find further examples of Tiffany's work on her website, which also includes some of her very sweet and equally enchanting illustrations.

Emma x