Time for Reflection

I hadn't originally planned on starting this blog until now, when I knew Dottie would be at nursery, but six months ago when I took one of Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way e-courses, it gave me a bit of a push, and I didn't want to waste my fresh motivation by waiting.  But that has meant that although I did have a vision, due to time constraints, instead of following it, I have been flying by the seat of my pants so to speak, coming up with content on a day to day basis and bumbling along without direction. But those couple of weeks I took off from blogging this summer, were just what I needed, they gave me the opportunity to reflect on the future of A Quiet Style, and I how I see the blog moving forward, which as it turns out, is exactly how I had envisaged it before I got caught up in the moment!  What that means is, I won't be trend forecasting or fashion forecasting, or bringing you the latest design products, yes I have an interest in those things, but they are not where my passion lies, my passion lies in simple, timeless and quality design in all areas of my life.  So that is what I plan on focussing on, and bringing you; interiors, styling, products, clothes, design, art and photography that I love, because after all, that is the reason I started this blog, and it is also what I need to do to make it unique and personal.  Of course there will be a smattering of flowers too, I think they count as timeless (well most of them at least, except perhaps blue carnations, never did get them!)

Now that I have shared my thoughts with you, today I thought I would share something else, a few images that I love, and hopefully sum up what you can expect from now on; my kind of style, mostly pretty classic, generally quite simple, but occasionally with a little tip of the hat towards fashion!


Source - Camellia Fiber Company


Source - Nordic Design


Source - Bible of British Taste


Source - La Cool et Chic


Source - Shelterness


Source - Of a Kind


Source - Ruffled Blog


Source - James Michael Howard


Source - Caramel

I hope that you will continue on my blogging journey with me, I do really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and any comments you make, so don't be shy if you have anything to say!

Have a great weekend.

Emma x