Wreath Making

Yesterday, inspired by this post on beautiful blog HWIT Blogg, I braved the gale force wind and rain, and went up to Devils Dyke, a local beauty spot to bag myself a few branches of this stuff: aquietstylewreath

If anyone knows what it is called, I would love to hear from you.

I was planning on making the wreath today, but Elvia spotted the pile of branches when she came home from school and asked if she could help me.  Monday and Wednesday's are our special days because Dottie is at nursery, and as much as I love my little mischief maker, I really cherish the one-to-one time with my big girl.

So with the help of my little assistant, I just about managed to take a few photos before the light faded completely.





I thought about adding more branches and 'fluffy bit's', but as with everything else I decided I quite like it on the minimal side, what do you think?

Emma x