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My Elvia


Hello, I hope you have had a lovely weekend, today is a holiday in the UK, so we have been lucky to have a long weekend, and even better the sun has been shining constantly.

Last week I introduced you to my little Dottie, and this week I thought you might like to meet my big girl, Elvia. Elvia is 7 years old, she is happy, sociable, bright, and I am constantly in awe of how something so beautiful could have come from me. We decided on her name whilst I was pregnant, (well I say we, my husband didn’t really get a choice, and everyone knows better than to mess with a pregnant woman!) Elvia means friend to the Elves, and it suits her perfectly, she is fascinated by the idea of fairies and the such like, and I rightly, or wrongly am happy to maintain her innocence and beliefs for as long as possible.






As well as her love for all things magical, Elvia is a ferocious  book worm, she devours books at lightening speed, her book collection is getting so large we may well have to buy a bigger house to accommodate it! But of course, she is not perfect, and nor would I want her to be, she is stubborn, feisty and definitely prone to the dramatic, but she is my Elvia and always will be and I will love her until the end of time.

Emma x

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Say hello to Dottie


Meet Dottie, the youngest member of our household, she is a 16 month old whirlwind of energy, incredibly cheeky, and totally fearless.

Although Dottie will be making an appearance on the blog quite regularly, she doesn’t share quite the same interests as me, hers include; shouting out random sounds, climbing up slides, eating food off the floor, other people’s shoes and general destruction! But, she is also a happy little thing, has the best wrinkle-nosed smile ever, is cute as a button, and most importantly, laughs at my attempts at being funny!




I love these shots, I didn’t intend Dottie to be the topic of my second post, and I am sure my eldest won’t be that happy about it, but when I got my camera out to try a few snaps, she posed so beautifully I just had to use them. She was totally fascinated by my SLR and actually stood still in order to get a good look at it, next time, I am sure it won’t be nearly as easy!

Oh yes, and in case you are wondering, Dottie’s skirt and top are both from Zara Kids.

Emma x