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Buckwheat & Apricot Bircher Muesli with Quick Crunch Topping


A little while ago, I ordered some granola from Rock My Bowl, and to say it tasted amazing, would be a serious understatement.  So I decided to get in touch with Rebecca, the Rock My Bowl founder, to see if she would be up for creating a recipe just for the a quiet style blog and I was thrilled when she agreed.

And here it is, written by Rebecca, and styled and photographed by yours truly, and I can confirm, just as delicious as the granola, a recipe for Gluten Free Buckwheat & Apricot Bircher Muesli with a Quick Crunch Topping:

Bircher Museli Tutorial-2531

“In my kitchen I try to mostly eat by the seasons. The Rock My Bowl menu has some classic flavours that don’t change but I am always adding in seasonal ingredients to make extra special limited edition bowls.  This recipe uses some gorgeous juicy apricots which are so great right now. I always try to get them from a local shop or farmers market. You can use whatever you have on hand though and pear works really well here too.

I’ve used gluten free oats here to make this bircher celiac/allergy friendly and extra incredible for you with amazing buckwheat groats. Feel free to mix it up with quinoa flakes, millet flakes etc.

Serves 2

Bircher ingredients

50g gluten free oats
50g buckwheat groats
1 Tbsp chia seeds
1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds
200ml almond milk
Dash of vanilla
Dash of maple syrup/raw honey 2 Tbsp of yoghurt of your choice Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Apricot compote

250g fresh apricots, stones removed, halved. Juice of half an orange
1tbsp of honey

Quick crunch topping

1 handful each of buckwheat groats, pumpkin seeds and shelled pistachios.  Drizzle of maple syrup (optional)

Bircher Museli Tutorial-2485

Gather together all the bircher muesli ingredients except the yoghurt and lemon juice.  Place the dry ingredients in a medium bowl then pour in the milk, vanilla and maple.  Give everything a good stir, cover, then place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Bircher Museli Tutorial-2495

You can make the compote anytime, as it keeps beautifully in a glass jar in the fridge.  Simply put the prepared apricots in a small saucepan with the orange juice and the honey.  Bring to a medium simmer and cook for 7-10 mins.

Bircher Museli Tutorial-2505

The topping is so easy.  Put the ingredients in to a dry frying pan or saute pan, toast the nuts and seeds for a few minutes, tossing frequently.  Keep an eye on the heat as its easy to burn it.  When the topping is golden brown and fragrant it is done. Pour it in to a small dish.  If you want you can add some maple syrup at this stage.  You can make much more and keep it in a jar for a quick crunch, healthy topping.

Bircher Museli Tutorial-2507

To serve

Take the bircher muesli out of the fridge and mix in the yoghurt and fresh lemon juice.  Divide some of the apricot between two glass jars, then layer with the bircher muesli, repeat this process again, then top with the crunch topping.  Alternatively, if you haven’t got any glass jars, just pile in to a couple of bowls and enjoy!

Bircher Museli Tutorial-2510

Bircher Museli Tutorial-2516

You can find Rock My Bowl here:

Whilst I’m here, I just thought I would mention that the blog is up for an Amara blogging award, if you fancy voting, you can do so here, but if you don’t, I definitely won’t hold it against you!

Have a great weekend.

Emma x

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Fodder and Plonk Healthy Treat Workshop


A few week’s ago, I was lucky enough to be invited along to a Healthy Treat Workshop run by Alana of Fodder and Plonk.  The workshop took place at Blid and Hatton Food Studio, truly the most beautiful and photogenic setting, but more on that later.

As you know, I endeavour to eat as well as I possibly can, so I jumped at the chance to go along, especially given my sweet tooth and the eternal hunt to find ways to satisfy it which don’t involve sugar!

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Another month is over, and I am so thankful that it is now the summer holidays.  I have been looking forward to them for a while now.  That being said, I was slightly taken aback with the mixed feelings I had at the end of term.  It seems as though this year has flown by at a rapid rate, and I am not ready for Elvia to go back to school in September as a nearly ten year old, with only two years left of primary school.  This will also be the last year that I have Dottie at home, as she will be starting school in September 2017.  Elvia’s last year, will be Dottie’s first.  So this summer, as always, I won’t be here much, as I want to enjoy every moment with my girls.

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