Festive Mantelpiece Arrangement Tutorial

So, what have Caroline from Wild Rubus, and I got for you for this month's floral tutorial!  A fitting display for the time of year, simple yet dramatic, and it should last for the whole of the festive season! a-quiet-style-mantlepiece-tutorial-10

You will need:

  • Plastic sheeting to protect surface
  • 2 x plastic trays
  • 2 x floral foam blocks to fit trays
  • Plants - we used 6 x cyclamen
  • Foliage - we used berried ivy, trailing ivy and rosemary
  • Knife
  • Tape
  • Candles


1.  Cover your mantelpiece with plastic sheet to protect it when watering.

2.  Soak the floral foam in a bowl of water, let it absorb the water naturally rather than push it into the water.

3.  Place the foam in the tray and cut the corners off the foam with a knife, including the down edges.

4.  Tape over the foam and under the tray to hold the foam in place.


5. Roughly position the plants, candles and foam on your mantelpiece.

6. Start adding your ivy to the foam, thinking about height and depth, so the eye travels along the mantelpiece.


7. Make sure all of the foam is hidden by foliage, but ensure that you can still see the flowers from the plants and the top of the candles.


8. Fill in with the rosemary or another type of foliage to add interest.


9. Add some trailing ivy to the corners of the foam.


This arrangement is so simple to achieve, and by using plants it should last as long as you keep it watered.  You could also add to it with orange slices or dried apples for example to make it even more festive.

Hints & Tips:

  • Ensure the mantelpiece is covered entirely with the plastic sheeting to avoid any damage.
  • Think about how you cut down your foliage to get the most from each branch.
  • You might want to wrap the plants in plastic too so you can water them without spillage.

If you pop over to Caroline's blog, you can see what she has to say about today's tutorial.

Have a good week.

Emma x