Artists Open Houses - Philippa Stanton - Synaesthetic Art with a Shed

On Wednesday, I told you about the Artists Open Houses, well this year I stumbled upon an open house that for some reason I hadn't been to before, the home of Philippa Stanton, and what a gem, Philippa is an artist who creates in a variety of ways, on display this year were her paintings, photography and lamp shades made from old maps.  As you can see from the photos below, her home and garden are beautiful, every available space a delightful composition. pstantonk


Philippa also has work by other artists on show, including Sophie Abbott, whose vibrant painting you can just see a glimpse of in the photograph above.


The Lightboxes shown above are by Kate Iles, I am very tempted to buy one!





The ceramics shown are by Holly Bell Ceramics.



At the Open House event, Philippa also decorates her shed, in fact many of her visitors come specifically to see it, this year the theme was 'The Shipwreck Shed'.  But in the past it has included 'The Pioneer's Cabin', 'Vintage Luggage and Travel', 'The Vintage Penguin Paperback Shed', and at the Christmas Open House 'Alice in Wonderland', 'An Outside Inside Shed' and last year 'The White Christmas Shed'.



I had a little chat with Philippa about her background and artwork; Philippa told me that she has always been creative, she studied art at school and started doing History of Design at Manchester before deciding to train as an actor at RADA.  Philippa strikes me as a rare breed, somone who combines art with an entrepreneurial spirit, even at the age of 15, she embroidered espadrilles and sold them in shops locally. Philippa still acts, but says she is much happier painting, because although acting is creative, you are responding to someone else's ideas, but as an artist you are expressing yourself.


Pimms and Lemonade by Philippa Stanton


Orchid Scent by Philippa Stanton

Philippa paints using synaesthesia, combined sensory responses to sound, taste and smell.  She started painting voices when she realised how she processes them after seeing her friend performing in a play.  When Philippa isn't painting senses, she paints abstracts, "as a way of escaping the notation of the senses", and to develop her techniques.  As well as the paintings, Philippa also takes lovely photographs of her kitchen table (below), which you can see on instagram and her blog under her alter-ego 5ftinf.  The table is Philippa's refuge, she works there everyday, the styling isn't planned, but is led by how she is feeling and what flowers are available, most of which come from her garden.

5ftinf table


If you would like to see more of Philippa's work, you can find her here:

Have a great weekend everyone, and I know this isn't my usual subject for a Friday, but I wanted to bring you this post today in case you felt enticed to visit Philippa's Open House this final Open weekend.

Emma x