My Favourite Flower - Kim Klassen

My guest for this month's My Favourite Flower column, is the very talented photographic artist Kim Klassen, I discovered Kim's work on instagram (where else!), and immediately fell for her beautifully calm and peaceful photography. Here is what Kim has to say about her favourite flower:

Oh my, it’s difficult to choose a favourite flower.  I have several, but peonies, yes, I do love peonies.

I live in in the middle of Canada, wide open prairies, freezing cold and oh so long winters.  I love our spring and summer season, so many beautiful flowers fresh for the picking.

Today I am sharing peonies from this past summer, we have deep pink and ivory growing in our gardens (thanks to my husband).  The gorgeous pinks come from an abandoned garden down the road. The poor things simply grow and fade each year.  Soft pink is my favourite. I can’t bare to watch them fade away.  Every summer, I casually snip a few when no one is looking. I can’t help myself.

I don’t necessarily decorate with flowers. I simply move them from room to room and take pretty pictures.  Fresh flowers are almost always sprinkled throughout our home.  If you were to visit, you'd find flowers on the window sills, the mantle, the island, the counters, my desk... in bottles, jugs, pitchers, jars. I often prefer a single stem in a glass bottle over a full bouquet.

In the winter I frequent the grocery store, and buy whatever is prettiest at the time.  I place them here and there and photograph them along the way.

Now and then I treat myself to something special from the florist, just the other day she had some gorgeous peonies, I just had to buy one!  It’s quite different than our old fashioned garden variety, stunning, don’t you think?

I love fresh flowers. They make my world a prettier place to be. I can’t imagine our home without them.

Thank you for inviting me to visit Emma. You are truly an inspiration.

All photos by Kim Klassen

Thank you so much Kim for being my guest, and for sharing one of your favourite flowers and your stunning photographs with us here, you are a true inspiration to me too!  And I agree, I can't imagine our home without flowers either, it would somehow lack a bit of soul.

You can find Kim here:

Kim also runs a weekly Instagram challenge if you fancy joining in #mystillsundaycompetition.

Have a great weekend.

Emma x